If you are someone who works on multiple computers and devices during the day, keeping track of bookmarks can be a challenge. http://www.diigo.com is a tool that will allow you to access and create bookmarks from any computer or mobile device. It also lets you keyword tag your bookmarks so you can categorize them and make them easily searchable. You can log into your free Diigo account from any Internet connected device, see all of your bookmarks, and create more from websites that you visit.

I also use Diigo in conjunction with my Twitter account. I follow many educators on Twitter, and often they mention great resources that I would like to use later. Using Diigo’s “Save Favorite Tweets” tool – https://www.diigo.com/tools/save_tweets – every Tweet I favorite (by clicking the star button) will automatically become a bookmark in my Diigo account.

Here’s a video tutorial on Diigo: https://vimeo.com/113965961

Tip from Tiffany Brand