Volume 9 Issue 12

Table of Contents:

  • Pages 3-4: PD Update: all of the upcoming PD through February 14, 2018.  There are many great opportunities to learn new innovative practices that fulfill WIOA requirements.
  • Page 5: What I Am Reading in the Realm of Rigorous Research, Universal Design
  • Page 5: Take Your Lunch Break with This Article, Increasing Student Reading
  • Page 5: Around the World with ESL:    Using Comics
  • Page 5: Update
  • Page 6: Quote of the Month
  • Page 6: For a Laugh
  • Pages 7-42: Lesson Plan Corner, Updated Lesson Plan Format which includes CCRS, IET (Integrated Education and Training), contextualized learning, career cluster (healthcare), digital literacy suggestions and strategies based in research, SEL (social emotional learning), soft skills and so much more! This month’s lesson plan is focused on wants and needs, economics basics and money wasters.