I’m always on the lookout to find ways of developing critical thinking skills in my classroom. Listed below are two excellent resources that offer valuable lessons and useful information.

One of the most useful websites to help teachers incorporate critical thinking skills in their classroom can be found at:


Larry Ferlazzo has put together a list of websites, videos, links, visuals, tutorials and even apps on the topic of Bloom’s Taxonomy and developing critical thinking skills in the classroom.  You can also access this comprehensive information by googling: Larry Ferlazzo + Best Resources for Helping Teachers Use Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Classroom. He has also put together a Best List on many other topics of interest to teachers.

One of the best places to find printable, multi-level student worksheets that focus on developing critical thinking skills is at:

www.educationworld.com (Click onto their Critical Thinking Library)

Tip from Denise Reddington