Many students need to learn that the word “due” has great importance in the academic world. When something is due, it is time to pass in. If students can master this simple three letter word, then their personal life will become much more manageable. If students can learn that an assignment is due, and if it is not done there are consequences, then they are more readily accepting that bills are due, rent/mortgage is due, and so on.

Here are a few suggestions to reinforce the concept of “due”:

  • Collect it: when the time is up, collect what the student has done. If they want to finish at home, take what they have done, and let them continue at home, but at least you will have in hand what they have done.
  • Call home and leave yourself a message.
  • Text yourself and leave yourself a message.
  • Email yourself and leave yourself a message.
  • Back up all computer work.

Tip from Robin Letendre