Program Key

  • ABE: Adult Basic Education classes–basic skills in reading, writing, math
  • HSE: HSE Preparation for the HiSET High School Equivalency Tests
  • TestCtr: Official HiSET Testing Center
  • AHS: Adult High School–classes to earn credit for an adult high school diploma
  • ALS: Adult Learner Services–regional program with tutoring and small classes
  • ESOL: Classes in English for speakers of other languages
  • CT: College and career transitions classes and services for adults seeking to improve employment options or enter career training.

Click a town link to get more information about programs offered there

Bedford AHS
Berlin ALS, HSE, CT
Claremont ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL
Concord ABE, HSE, TestCtr, ALS, CT www.second-start.org
AHS www.classesforlife.com
Derry HSE, TestCtr, ESOL, ALS, AHS, ABE, CT
Dover ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS, CT www.dalc-online.org
Exeter ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS, CT adulted.sau16.org
Farmington ABE, HSE, ALS www.dalc-online.org
Franklin ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS www.sau18.org
Goffstown AHS, HSE www.goffstown.k12.nh.us
Groveton HSE, AHS northumberlandadultdiploma.weebly.com
Hampton AHS, CT www.whsevening.org
Hillsboro ALS-ABE, HSE, CT fullerlibrary.info
Jaffrey AHS
Keene ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS, CT www.keenecommunityed.org
Laconia ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS www.laconia.k12.nh.us/adulted
Lebanon ALS, ESOL
Lisbon AHS
Littleton TestCtr, ALS, HSE, ESOL
Londonderry TestCtr, AHS www.londonderry.org/lhs/alt_edu.cfm
Manchester ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, CT alc.mansd.org
ESOL www.snhs.org


Milford ABE, HiSET
Nashua ABE, HSE, TestCtr, ESOL, ALS, CT www.adultlearningcenter.org
AHS, CT www.nashua.edu/Schools/Adult-Education
New Ipswich ABE, HSE
North Sutton AHS
Pembroke AHS
Peterborough AHS
Plymouth ABE, HSE, TestCtr, ALS www.pemibakerliteracy.org
Portsmouth ABE, HSE, ESOL, CT www.rcaction.org
Rochester AHS www.rochesterschools.com
ALS, ABE, HSE www.dalc-online.org
Salem ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL www.sau57.org/shs/departments/Pages/Continuing-Education.aspx
Swanzey AHS
Tamworth ALS, HSE, AHS, CT
Wakefield HSE, TestCtr