Program Key

  • ABE: Adult Basic Education classes–basic skills in reading, writing, math
  • HSE: HSE Preparation for the HiSET High School Equivalency Tests
  • TestCtr: Official HiSET Testing Center
  • AHS: Adult High School–classes to earn credit for an adult high school diploma
  • ALS: Adult Learner Services–regional program with tutoring and small classes
  • ESOL: Classes in English for speakers of other languages
  • CT: College and career transitions classes and services for adults seeking to improve employment options or enter career training.

Click a town link to get more information about programs offered there

Bedford AHS
Berlin ALS, HSE, CT
Claremont ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL
Concord ABE, HSE, TestCtr, ALS, CT www.second-start.org
AHS www.classesforlife.com
Derry HSE, TestCtr, ESOL, ALS, AHS, ABE, CT
Dover ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS, CT www.dalc-online.org
Exeter ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS, CT adulted.sau16.org
Farmington ABE, HSE, ALS www.dalc-online.org
Franklin ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS www.sau18.org
Goffstown AHS, HSE www.goffstown.k12.nh.us
Groveton HSE, AHS northumberlandadultdiploma.weebly.com
Hampton AHS, CT www.whsevening.org
Hillsboro ALS-ABE, HSE, CT fullerlibrary.info
Jaffrey AHS
Keene ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS, CT www.keenecommunityed.org
Laconia ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL, ALS www.laconia.k12.nh.us/adulted
Lebanon ALS, ESOL
Lisbon AHS
Littleton TestCtr, ALS, HSE, ESOL
Londonderry TestCtr, AHS www.londonderry.org/lhs/alt_edu.cfm
Manchester ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, CT alc.mansd.org
ESOL www.snhs.org


Milford ABE, HiSET
Nashua ABE, HSE, TestCtr, ESOL, ALS, CT www.adultlearningcenter.org
AHS, CT www.nashua.edu/Schools/Adult-Education
New Ipswich ABE, HSE
North Sutton AHS
Pembroke AHS
Peterborough AHS
Plymouth ABE, HSE, TestCtr, ALS www.pemibakerliteracy.org
Portsmouth ABE, HSE, ESOL, CT www.snhs.org/programs/community-multi-cultural-services/portsmouth-adult-education-program
Rochester AHS www.rochesterschools.com
ALS, ABE, HSE www.dalc-online.org
Salem ABE, HSE, TestCtr, AHS, ESOL www.sau57.org/shs/departments/Pages/Continuing-Education.aspx
Swanzey AHS
Tamworth ALS, HSE, AHS, CT
Wakefield HSE, TestCtr