Tip From: Robin Letendre, LD Mentor

This is a fun, hands-on strategy that allows students to see their writing take shape.

In this strategy, you will need post-it notes, but if you do not have access to post-it notes, index cards or cut up recycled paper works fine.

In this strategy, you want students to write one sentence per post-it note, index card, or piece of paper.

Tell students to keep in mind this process while they are writing.

Once the students have finished writing on their post-it notes, index cards, or paper, have them place their sentences one by one on their desk.

This is a kinesthetic and tactile experience.  It allows the students to see their writing take place, and it allows them ease in moving sentences around and making edits to their writing, without having to rewrite the entire essay.

Once students have placed their post-it notes, index cards or pieces of paper in the order they want, they are now free to write their good copy.